Sredzinski supports Deecken for Senate

Monroe Courier

October 7, 2018 by JP Sredzinski

Letter to the editor – Sredzinski supports Deecken for Senate

To the Editor:

For those in Monroe who vote at Stepney and Monroe Elementary Schools, you have an opportunity this year to elect a new state senator who will have Monroe’s best interests in mind at all times while in Hartford. The 22nd Senatorial district comprises all of Trumbull, a portion of Bridgeport, and a portion of Monroe. Rich Deecken is the Republican and Independent candidate in the 22nd district and has my full support.

Rich Deecken is a public school high school teacher, a local elected official, and most importantly — a husband and father. He understands that our state is at a crossroads and that we need a change in leadership in Hartford. As a commissioner and former chairman of Planning & Zoning, Rich has a proven record of supporting new developments, which have created jobs and grown our local economy. Greater Bridgeport needs an advocate like Rich who will secure a strong economy for our region, not recklessly waste money on unnecessary and frivolous projects.

The affordability of Connecticut is also a major issue for Rich. Whether it is young people just entering the workforce, working families or seniors, we must maintain an affordable cost of living for all residents. Further, he understands that working families are harmed when they are forced to pay extra to drive to work and visit friends. Rich will never support tolls, and believes they are another unjust tax levied on hard-working citizens.

I have gotten to know Rich Deecken over the past several months and have seen first-hand his commitment to our community and to our state. Take some time to get to know Rich and if you are a voter in the 22nd Senate District — consider voting for Rich Deecken on Nov. 6.

JP Sredzinski

State Representative

Letter to the Editor: Sredzinski supports Deecken for Senate