Strong leadership is needed in Hartford to fight for Trumbull, Bridgeport, and Monroe’s fair share of education funding and economic development opportunities.  

Invest in our youth by training students for the jobs of tomorrow.  As a Bridgeport public high school teacher and coach, Rich knows the challenges students faces.  We need a fighter like Rich advocating for our kids in Hartford.

Commit to creating jobs by supporting development that benefits our district. Rich supports an open, competitive casino bidding process – one which has the potential to create thousands of new jobs.  

Increase revenue by legalizing cannabis – a position shared by the majority of Connecticut residents – which would bring the state millions in new revenue, cut judicial costs, create new business opportunities, and reduce crime.

Lower taxes help Connecticut families and businesses.  State taxes must be stable, predictable, and nondiscriminatory.

Affordable living environment allows young people to start a career, working parents to support their families, and seniors to stay in CT.

Clean abandoned properties and put them back on the tax rolls; claim our fair share of state remediation funds.

Toll-free access to the open road allows people and goods to move freely. Tolls are another tax that working families and commuters cannot afford.  Connecticut highways shall remain free of tolls.